William Chan

William Chan

William Chan

GFG Foundation Scholar

School:  Strathclyde University

Subject: Product Design and Innovation

What difference did the scholarship make for you?

The Scholarship has helped me enormously. I had financial concerns such as: living expenses, equipment costs for my course and costs for other extracurricular activities. I was able to find time to complete coursework without a part-time job. I was able to maintain a balanced lifestyle and participate in events and activities.

How has the programme changed the way you think about your career choices?

In the year ahead, I am hoping to develop knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and also product design as I would like to start a business in the future. The scholarship would allow me to have time to participate in networking events offered by the university and to concentrate on additional design projects outside of university. With less financial worries, I will be able to focus on personal development.