Samuel May

Samuel May

Samuel May

GFG Foundation Scholar

School: St Edmunds School, Canterbury

Subject: Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Levels

What inspired you to study subjects within the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)?

The sciences have made me passionate about the intricate nature of human life. It is embedded in the fundamental nature of science and much is still left to be discovered. The fact that the sciences still evolve, and change offers something seldom offered by other disciplines.

Which subject do you enjoy the most and why?

Biology has interested me the most so far, as I have had the opportunity to discover the remarkable complexities that human life brings. This said, I would say that Chemistry is my favourite school subject as I have always been interested in how one arrangement of a substance saves a life, while another can be far from benign.

How do you feel you have benefitted from the support of the GFG foundation?

It has offered me more opportunities to discover, to a greater degree, the world of science. I hope to study medicine at university and this scholarship has led me to feel more confident in following the discipline inside and out of school.

Why do you think studying subjects within the field of STEM are important?

I believe it is imperative that all STEM subjects are studied and appreciated as it is the importance of science that develops our world. For us to be a fruitful, discerning society, studying STEM is paramount as it allows us to comprehend how the world doesn’t work in the orderly way that we expect.