Salman Mohamed

William Chan

Salman Mohamed

Arkwright Engineering Scholar

School: Queen Mary’s Grammar School

Subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, French

What interests you the most about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects?

I have always found the applications of STEM to be the
most fascinating; how we can put our understanding of
science to use, to benefit as many people as possible. I
am also interested in making technology more accessible
to under-developed countries. Technologies such as
low-tech malaria testing kits can be hugely beneficial in
countries where the population don’t have access to the
same standard of healthcare as developed nations. We
can use our wealth of resources and talent to think up
and develop solutions like this that can have a positive
impact on others.

How do you feel the scholarship has helped you so far?

The scholarship has helped me immensely in getting me
into contact with engineers that do fascinating work.
Through this networking opportunity, I have learned a lot
about the projects that real engineers have worked on,
gained an insight into how they approach problems in
their work and even had a week’s placement at a nearby
plant. The work experience was invaluable in teaching
me some basics of CAD and end-to-end manufacturing,
seeing how a design gets realised into a final product.

Has studying these subjects affected your future career path thinking?

Studying maths has improved my problem-solving capabilities, and how I approach problems where solutions aren’t obvious at first. Physics has given me a deeper appreciation of the challenges that engineers face in optimising how their product performs. Studying these subjects has made me want to have a career in
which I can solve problems using what I have learnt in maths and physics, to create products that benefit people.

How do you feel studying STEM subjects can benefit society as a whole?

I believe that by having more students studying STEM
subjects, we can have more diversity of ideas and
brainpower. With all of this talent in our industry, there
is no limit to the solutions and technologies that we
can come up with, solutions that will inevitably benefit
society as a whole.