Ryan Kane

Ryan Kane - GFG Scholar

Ryan Kane

GFG Foundation Scholar

School: Strathclyde University

Subject: Electronic and Electrical Engineering

What difference did the scholarship make for you?

I would not have been able to afford travel to and from university every day. It would also have made purchasing of books for certain units of the course impossible. This would have limited the amount of material I could study for the course. This scholarship has allowed me to concentrate fully on my course, as I did not have to worry about where I would need the money for trivial things that would have caused me a lot of stress to purchase.

How has the programme changed the way you think about your career choices?

I am hoping to learn more about the development of technologies in electronics and would like to work within the automotive industry when I leave university.

The scholarship allowed me to take part in activities that normally I would not be able to, such as visiting Clyde space to see the work they do.

I would like to thank the GFG Foundation for this opportunity as it has benefitted me greatly, giving me opportunities that were previously closed off to me.