Reuben Conway

Reuben Conway

Reuben Conway

Arkwright Engineering Scholar

School: Birkdale School, Year 13

What interests you the most about subjects within the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)?

I am really interested in how things work. The STEM package of subjects allows you to gain theoretical knowledge and apply this to a real-world context.

How do you feel the scholarship has helped you so far?

I already feel as if my Arkwright Engineering Scholarship has opened many doors for me. The most helpful thing for me has been having two workplace mentors. I have been able to ask them questions about my engineering coursework projects. For example, I’m currently working on designing and manufacturing an automotive thermoelectric generator to transform waste heat energy in the form of hot exhaust gas, into electricity. It has been incredibly helpful to receive advice from them concerning problems that I may stumble on when in the design/manufacture process that I wouldn’t be able to predict.

How has the programme changed the way you think about your career choices?

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships endeavour to find young people with the potential to become leaders in engineering. If you are selected, it is an incredibly beneficial thing to have going into sixth form and into university but most importantly, it allows you to form crucial links with industry. This is the most beneficial aspect of the scholarship. There is a significant disconnect between education and industry; the Arkwright Scholarship bridges this gap perfectly.