Morgan Godden

Morgan with his car

Morgan Godden

‘Geared up for STEM’ participant

School: Caerleon Comprehensive School, Year 11

What part of the ‘Geared up for STEM’ programme did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed learning about coding as it gave me a taster and when I saw my coding work, it made me feel proud of myself.

Is there anything you did or learnt during the programme that you’ve taken into your lessons? This could be either new skills you have or knowledge.

Yes. I have learned that STEM is important and should be taught to young adults around the country. I have learned new team working skills and a new computing language and programming skills. I would strongly consider the learning I have gained when choosing my A-levels.

How has the programme changed the way you think about STEM/ your opinion of engineering as a career?

This programme has encouraged me even more to enter into the engineering industry and I would recommend this programme to all of my friends.