Jonathon Muscroft Paylor


Jonathon Muscroft Paylor

GFG Foundation Scholar

School: University of Sheffield

Subject: Materials Science and Engineering

How many years will your course run for?

Four years. Either a 4-year MEng, or a 3-year BEng with a year in industry.

What inspired you to take this course?

A lecture I attended at an Oxford University open day about materials in nuclear reactors made me realise how important materials were to advancing technology. Materials engineering is a combination of maths, chemistry and physics. I didn’t want to drop my studies in
either of these areas, and materials incorporates all three of them in the content of the course.

What part of the course are you enjoying the most? What has been the highlight so far?

That’s a hard question, but it’s probably the lab sessions we have. I enjoy being able to carry out experiments as a supporting method to understand theory learnt in lectures. Most of the time they are fun as well! 

What difference has the scholarship made for you?

The scholarship has allowed me to join societies, such as the mountaineering society, that otherwise I might not have been able to afford to join. It has also allowed me to continue doing bouldering, which can be expensive.

The scholarship allowed me to budget for a week without the worry that if I accidentally go over my budget one week, it acts as a safety net for me and allows me to go out with my friends more often than I might have been able to do.

What difference has your experience at university and the learning you have taken from your course had on you personally?

I think I’ve become more confident socially, as I’ve been able to make a good group of friends, which was my main concern about going to university. It has made me more focused on getting work sorted and finished before relaxing or going out with friends. It has also made me
enjoy the free time I have and to take advantage of the down time I have.

What would you say to someone else thinking of applying for this scholarship?

I would say go for it, as it helps you so much at university. It takes away the stress of budgeting and allows you to enjoy the full uni experience by joining societies and going out with friends.