Industrial Cadets

Industrial Cadets

Industrial Cadets

Sponsored by GFG Foundation

School: Lochaber High School

Subject: Engineering Education Scheme (EES)

Connor Anderson (far left)

“My role in our team for EES has been the research analyst. As a student going to study electronic and electrical engineering after school, this project has been a great introduction to the research and analysis of design concepts and project ideas, especially when it comes to effectiveness and cost efficiency. I’ve also developed my communication and teamwork skills throughout the project.”

Ben Johnstone (second from the left)

“I have learnt a lot during my time in EES. I hope to go to university to study Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and the EES has been a nice introduction to analysis concepts and project ideas.”

Alan Hamilton (middle))

“I found EES to be both extremely enjoyable and yet challenging. It has given me the opportunity to work as part of a team and experience engineering in a real-world capacity. The experience has provided me with an amazing foothold into my future in engineering and will help me with my time in university and future employment. I was assigned the role of project manager and software engineer. The skills I brought to the team were my ability to code and to use 3D modelling software in order to create the model.””

Robbie Sangster (second from right)

“Taking part in EES, I have learned a lot and developed my skills in working as a team, report writing and problem solving. I have also learned much more about Liberty Aluminium and what they do in the area. I have enjoyed taking part in the EES and would encourage others to take part.”

Jochem Baak (far right)

“I have learnt a great deal during EES such as team building skills and how to put forward my ideas more clearly. As I am going to study Product Design Engineering at University after school, this project gave me an introduction into research and analysis of design concepts and project ideas.”