Clarice Doyle

Clarice Doyle

Clarice Doyle

Arkwright Engineering Scholar

School: Newport Girls High School, Year 12

What inspired you to study subjects within the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)?

I have been inspired by many great creators such as Leonardo da Vinci and Stephen Hawking to go into study areas involving science and invention since I was very young. As for my specific subject options, they are simply the subjects I enjoy learning about the most (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Design and Technology).

Which subject do you enjoy the most?

I like being able to learn about things that help me understand how everything else works. Physics and Design and Technology do this in a practical sense and Chemistry allows me to understand things on a minute level.

Through taking these subjects, I have been shown a greater variety of career options that I was previously unaware of. I now know that I want to do something involving science and engineering.