Our Outcomes measures (short term)

The GFG Foundation can play a vital role in providing opportunities for people to develop essential life and employability skills and therefore increase their employability and life chances. 

Developing skills
Developing people's skills to help them seek long term employment.

Promoting commitment
Promoting people's commitment by demonstrating a commitment to them. 

Improving motivation
Improving people's motivation through offering them interesting and relevant programmes.

Developing self-esteem and confidence 
Developing self-esteem and confidence by allowing people to show and reach their potential. 

Our Impact measures (longer term)

It is likely to take a number of years for the results of the Impact measures to become evident, however the GFG Foundation will try and quantify and explain the relationship between short term outcomes and the longer term impacts of programmes. 

Improved educational attainment
Delivering improved educational attainment through offering accredited programmes.

Improved employability
Delivering improved employability by offering programmes relevant to the needs of industry.

Improved employee retention
Delivering improved employee retention by developing commitment and motivation. 

Improved employee performance
Delivering improved employee performance by engendering a sense of commitment and motivation.