What is the GFG Foundation?

The GFG Foundation is a registered company limited by guarantee (number 10600789) and a registered Charity in England and Wales (Charity Number 1176542). The GFG Foundation is currently applying for charitable status in Scotland through the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. 


How is the GFG Foundation funded?

The GFG Foundation is funded by the Gupta family. The GFG Foundation will also look to attract matched funding to ensure that programmes are sustainable beyond an agreed initial period of seed funding. 


What is the GFG Foundation’s charitable aim?

The GFG Foundation’s charitable aim is to assist with the development of people and industries through the closing of skills and education gaps; these gaps relate specifically to the engineering, metals and renewable energy sectors.


Who are the GFG Foundation’s trustees?

The GFG Foundation currently has five trustees, including one trustee who is independent from the GFG Alliance of companies. It is planned to develop the board with new trustees in the future.


What is the GFG Foundation’s governance structure?

The GFG Foundation is registering with the Charity Commission for England and Wales as well as the Scottish Charity Regulator. The GFG Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustee and, in addition, will be advised by an Advisory Board of independent industry specialists.


What is the GFG Foundation’s relationship with the GFG Alliance?

The GFG Foundation maintains an ‘independent but linked’ relationship with the GFG Alliance of companies, drawing on the industrial expertise and workforce to assist in delivering the GFG Foundation’s charitable aims.


Where can I find the GFG Foundation’s Annual report and Financial statements?

The GFG Foundation’s first Annual Report and Financial statements will be available in 2018 following completion of its first year of operating. 

How does the GFG Foundation manage applications for funding?

The GFG Foundation receives a number of applications for funding and support. While responding to all requests, the GFG Foundation normally approaches organisations which it believes can help in the delivery of its charitable aims.